Writing and Public Humanities

In addition to research and teaching in the ‘standard’, academic sense, I try to get involved and to promote projects in the area of the ‘Public Humanities’.

In 2019, I obtained a Certificate in Engaged and Public Humanities at Georgetown University, with which I also received a Humanities Ambassador Fellowship for the project The Good Citizen – Human Nature and Public Life

I am a founding member of Philosophers for Sustainability and I have translated in Italian their Guidelines for Sustainable Practices in Philosophy.

I have always loved to write.

Since May 2020, I am part of the scientific committee of Climalteranti: an Italian blog about sustainability, climate change, and policy reform.

Most of my non-philosophical work is in Italian. Over the years, I have written and published blog posts*, short stories, poems, event proposals, political speeches, and more. In 2007, I wrote about my trip to Peru.

Political activism is also a big part of my life and a lasting passion. As Provincial Vice-secretary of the Giovani Democratici (i.e. the Youth organization tied to the Italian Democratic Party), I have contributed to the creation of a promotional video in 2014 and to the organization of several events, concerts, trips abroad, and more.

*[Unfortunately, the blog where those were published, no longer exists.]

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