Here are my published papers:

‘AI for all’ is a matter of social justice (2022, AI & Ethics)

Phenomenology: What’s AI got to do with it? (2022, Phenomenology and the Cognitive Sciences)

– co-authored with Alison Springle

Perceptual Science and the Nature of Perception (2022, Theoria)

Reconsidering Perceptual Constancy (2022, Philosophical Psychology) – co-authored with Tony Chemero

The Problem of perceptual invariance (2021, Synthese)

Olympians and Vampires – Talent, practice, and why most of us ‘don’t get it’ (2020, Argumenta)

Enactivism and the ‘problem’ of Perceptual Presence (2020, Synthese)

Naturalizing Qualia (2017, Phenomenology and Mind)


These other articles are currently forthcoming or under review (drafts available upon request):

  • Deep Learning, Adversarial images, and Phenomenology (with Alison Springle)
  • The ‘relational constructs’ of gloss and timbre (with Mazviita Chirimuuta)
  • A Contemporary defense of some old ideas about perception (with Alison Springle)


A few ongoing interdisciplinary projects I am involved in (email me if you’d like to know more!):

  • Machine Learning, Reasons, and Trust (with Uri Maoz & Erik Linstead)
  • Initiating Movement Unconsciously (with Tomáš Dominik, Liad Mudrik, Aaron Schurger, and Uri Maoz)
  • “Tip of the Mind”: looking for a perceptual analog of the “tip of the tongue” state (with Aaron Schurger and Janet Metcalfe)
  • Minds, Brains, and Inferences – or ‘How neuroscience tried to conquer philosophy and failed’ (with Liad Mudrik)
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