Here are my published papers:

Perceptual Science and the Nature of Perception (2022, Theoria)*

Reconsidering Perceptual Constancy (2022, Philosophical Psychology) – co-authored with Tony Chemero

The Problem of perceptual invariance (2021, Synthese)

Olympians and Vampires – Talent, practice, and why most of us ‘don’t get it’ (2020, Argumenta)

Enactivism and the ‘problem’ of Perceptual Presence (2020, Synthese)

Naturalizing Qualia (2017, Phenomenology and Mind)

Suoni (2014,

*I talked about this paper last year here:


These other articles are currently in progress (drafts available upon request):

  • Machine Learning, Reasons, and Trust (with Uri Maoz & Erik Linstead)
  • “AI for all” is a matter of Social Justice
  • Phenomenology: What’s AI got to do with it? (with Alison Springle)
  • The ‘relational constructs’ of gloss and timbre (with Mazviita Chirimuuta)
  • A Contemporary defense of some Old ideas about perception (with Alison Springle)


A few more projects I have in the works (email me if you’d like to know more!):

  • Merleau-Ponty, Style, and Generative Adversarial Networks (with Caitlyn Chavez)
  • Making the world “come alive”: Perception, Agency, and Playfulness
  • Perception, belief, and officiating in basketball
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