This is what teaching at Wesleyan in Fall 2020 looked like: masks, voice amplifiers, and a theater’s stage converted into a socially-distanced classroom!

My commitment to teaching is absolutely at the core of who I am as an academic. Here is my take on creating a collaborative, safe, diverse, and stimulating learning environment:

Diversity statement

Teaching statement

In the upcoming Spring semester (02-05/2021) I will teach two courses at Wesleyan University:

  • Phenomenology and Existentialism (a mixture of philosophy and literature) [syllabus]
  • Philosophy of Perception (a journey back to the roots of my passion for philosophy) [syllabus]

In the Fall semester, I taught:

  • Bodies and Experiences (online version): not your usual introductory Philosophy course [syllabus]
  • Bodies and Experiences 2 (in-person version) [syllabus]
  • Philosophy of Psychology (in-person) [syllabus]

During my time at the University of Pittsburgh, I taught:

  • Philosophy of Psychology, Spring 2020 [syllabus]
  • Knowledge and Reality (TA), Fall 2019
  • Concepts of Human Nature, Summer 2018  [syllabus]
  • Introduction to Philosophical Problems (TA), Fall 2015 & Spring 2017
  • Philosophy of Mind (TA), Fall 2016
  • Philosophy and Science (TA), Spring 2016

A few other courses I have some ideas for include:

  • Meaning, Intentionality, and Nature (a “science-friendly” Philosophy of Mind course) [outline]
  • Science and Society (based on Naomi Oreskes’s Why trust science?) [outline]
  • Philosophy of Sport (ok, mostly basketball)

Want to see what my students said about me? Click here!

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